Men's Tailor Made Djellaba

Stand comfortably and maintain a natural posture while taking measurements. Make sure to note down your dimensions accurately.

Step by Step Instructions

1-Measuring Tape

Grab flexible measuring tape as illustrated in the picture. If possible, we suggest enlisting the help of a friend or family member.

2-Shoulder Width

Place the measuring tape on your shoulder directly above your armpits. Measure the area between the left shoulder point (A) and the right shoulder point (B).

3-Shoulder Drop

Place the measuring tape in the middle of your neck bone then move the tape below the shoulder point where you would like the sfifa to be joined.

4-Arm Length

Place the measuring tape in the middle of your neck bone then move the tape to your wrist bone or watch position.

5- Length (height)

Place the measuring tape at shoulder length then measure all the the way down to your preferred height position. Slightly above the ankle is recommended.


Gently wrap the measuring tape around your neck.Allow it to rest comfortably, neither too tight nor too loose. Once you have a snug yet comfortable fit, note the measurement at point A.

Questions or Concerns?

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